ExHale® has proven time after time to be
the leader in CO
2 cultivation for all your
indoor gardening needs.

Here's  what customers say:

" The first thing I noticed was that the plants closest
to the ExHale were doing better than my other

"After just 2 days of having  an ExHale cultivator in
my grow room, I metered my CO
2 level and it had
gone up, this product rocks!  I am loving it!"

"We having been retailing ExHale out of our garden
shop and they are just flying off the shelves."

"ExHale solved my CO
2 problem. It is easy to use,
very affordable and it works great."

"We added some ExHale cultivators to our room, we
spread them out evenly throughout our plants and
have seen good results. Our finished product has
improved ever since."
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® - Homegrown CO2

"Grow your Own CO2 "